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How to get rid of Collection calls


Being in debt is highly stressful,getting contineous calls from debt collectors can just add to that emotional strain.Collection agency often begins a barrage of aggressive phone calls demanding personal information and pressing you to borrow from friends or family to repay your debt.Debt collectors are a lot like vultures,once they sense that you are in trouble,they will pick at you untill there’s nothing left.Anyone who’s ever been in that position will tell you it’s somewhere they never want to be again in their lives.The next time any collector or collection agency calls you,use these techniques and steps to keep them at bay.

1. Request the collection company’s correspondence address,ask the caller to provide his/her identity.Send a letter to the collection agency telling them to stop calling.A debt collector can’t legally pursue you unless he or she gives you a written statement outlining your debt within five days of contacting you.It is illegal for a collection agency to call you either at home or work once you give them written notice to stop.

2. Write a cease-and-desist letter to the collection company,addressed to its correspondence address.In order to stop collection calls at home you must send a stop collection letter to the collector.The Fair Debt Collection Act gives you the power to demand,in writing ,that they stop calling you.Write multiple certified letters demanding that the calls stop,its important to make sure all your letters are certified.

3. Even if you owe a debt,a collector cannot use abusive language.Under the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act,a collector is not allowed to make any kind of threat or use abusive language.Debtor rights also vary from state to state,it’s up to you to do your research and keep yourself informed.A working knowledge of your rights is your best defense against a collection agency.

4. Always prefer your communication with collection agency in writing as written communication works to your advantage as you will have a record of everything.You will always have a hard evidence that can be shown whenever there is any voilation or dispute.

5. If by anyway any collector reach you or talk to you for debt,always negotiate with energy.Debt collectors are professionals,they are aggressive,they need your money,so avoid any payment plan offer.Offer to pay X % or according to what you feel is the best and affordable to you,tell them straight and clear,you can’t afford more and stand firm.

6. Whenever you have a phone conversation with collection agency,always record the phone conversation.You can also inform the caller that you are tapping the conversation.By recording the collection calls,you will always have a upper hand,it can help you in future may be as a evidence and the collector will also follow all the collection rules strictly and will do things in limit.

7. Debt collectors are also prohibited from contacting you while you are at work.State and Federal law do not allow debt collectors to talk about your debt to other people except your lawyer or with your permission.For most people its a bit embarrassing situation when you are behind and debt agency call them.

8. If you are ever harassed by any collection agency,and this is done repeatedly do not hesitate to contact your attorney.If you have any evidence of after-hour calls or verbal harassment,you can file a lawsuit.You can even be able to clear your debts through settlement.You can also take assistance from a credit counselor in resolving your debt which is one of the best option to get rid of collections.

9. Debt collectors can only legally contact you between reasonable hours,usually between 8 in the morning and 9 at night.If you don’t want collector to call your place of employment,you can instruct them.They must abide this or this will be a voilation of State or Federal law.

10. Always while in conversation with a debt collector keep the conversation very short and stand firm,don’t argue but be confident.Search and read about Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which will definately help you.If you don’t believe you owe the money,dispute in writing.If you send the collection agency a letter within 30 days of recieving the written notice stating you do not owe the money,a debt collector cannot contact you.

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